The Institute

  1. A World Class Educational System:

    • A great teacher should have incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter they are teaching We impart quality education through different innovative teachniques in classroom with the help of Lectures. Demonstrations. PPT (power point presentation ) and well-equipped workshops to provide our students a wide vision and comprehension.
  2. Prifessuibak Efficiency

    • It is most important skill of doing accurate things in to diverse situations, We endow out student with the best exposure by Authentic Internship and Teaching practice in the best schools of the region to build up these valuable qualities.
  3. Communication with Clarity

    • Radiant Communication skills are some of the most essential skills that you need to succeed in the workplace in ATTC, we bestow our students with diverse opportunities of growing expertise in communication with Seminars. Classroom Presentations, Extempore, mock conversations, Group Discussions, Role-Play and Debate etc.
  4. Excellence in Social Relations and Communication

    • An admirable teacher has to maintain open communication with parents. Colleagues and other society members for increasing the better public relations. We confer our student’s with the entire persona by arranging Educational Trips and Tours. Field Visits, Guiding Campus, Enthusiastic Cultural Activities and Participation in Social Events.
  5. Classroom management Skills

    • These skills are required to ensure good student’s behaviour, Effective study work habits, and an overall sence of respect in the classroom, In ATTC, we put into practice these skills by introducing Administration of assembly, Micro Teaching, Team Teaching and Simulation Teaching with Co-operative and Collaborative Learning environment in the classroom to furnish their inspiration to a new height
  6. Innovative trends in Education

    • In our dynamic Education system, the technologies of tomorrow are already being used in our school classrooms today We instruct our students for future. ready to adopt the recent trends an innovation of technology by prodding information of Audio-Visual Aids. Research projects. Computer assisted programs, Language Laboratory. Psychological tests labs and Science Laboratory practices.
  7. Energetic mind with Sound body

    • A luminous teacher must know the aspects of Art of Living. A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body connec,on is the key to a much happier and fulfilling life_ Appreciating the significance of this soecuiation Ir ATTC assorted Health Activities are designed in Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Aerobics. Yoga and Meditation.
  8. Vibrant Personality Development

    • A Radiant Personality of a teacher is palpable when the teacher is passionate about teaching and working mei children. An Extraordinary teacher has to create a strong rapport with students and establishes trustworthy relationships We frequently cultivate the spirit of the versatile personality by engaing them in mutual Individual and Group Competitions as Vase decoration. Poster making, Bo:rquet-making. Seasonal card making Display board decoration and Wall 8 door hanging etc