Welcome to Aryabhatta Teachers Training college (A NCTE recognized College)

The highest performing education system prioritizes teacher quality and pay close Attention to attracting. Developing and retaining effective teachers. The training needs to Provide teachers with the subject knowledge and teaching skills needed to facilitate Learning that equips learners with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours needed For just, equitable and peaceful societies. Teachers can be agents of change in their own Ways. We offer a unique opportunity for prospective School teachers to learn how to guide And teach young children. Present fundamental developmental materials, which are Integral to the pedagogic philosophy

We take pride in providing all of our future School teacher with excellent training And education, preparing you to work with children, in a well carved out environment, as Per the NCTE guidelines. Our institution is equipped with world class infra-structure Facilities.

I look forward to sharing my experience and commitment of teaching with you as part Of Aryabhatta Teachers training College. Always try to be part of the solution and lot of the Problem. Expect you to contribute to the demanding tasks of the nation-Building

                                                                                                            Wish you all a very bright future.

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